Basic Micro Stakes Poker Tips

by Jeremy

One pervading thought in the poker world is that micro stakes games simply cannot be beaten. The “logic” behind these thoughts is that opponents don’t respect raises, and too many donks call with garbage and catch something on the river to win.

Successful micro stakes players obviously know these are the conditions that make the lowest stakes beatable. However, most conventional poker strategy doesn’t explain the micro stakes in-depth, so it’s no wonder why players think the micros are hopeless. However, the truth is that you can consistently win money at these stakes ($0.01/$0.02 up to $0.05/$0.10 NL) - you just need to know a few tips for doing so.

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Bluff Less

You’ll be a lot farther than most micro stakes poker players by bluffing less. After all, the average low stakes player isn’t a multi-level thinker who’s constantly watching the range of hands you play. In addition to bluffing less, you should also stop worrying about being bluffed yourself. Most people in the micros play hands like they are and often have top pair or better when betting/raising.

Value Bet Relentlessly

One common mistake seen in low stakes poker games involves overplaying top pairs and two pairs. In fact, some micros players just can’t seem to let go of a pair of aces - even when the board indicates a possible straight or flush. That said, you can often play ABC poker, wait for good hands to come, and make successful value bets when you’re ahead.

Review Sessions/Hands

Even though the competition in the micro stakes isn’t overly-tough, it’s still important to review sessions and tough hands when you’re done playing. Hand histories are your friend post-session, while investing in poker software will allow you to do some statistical analysis. You should also consider joining a poker training site because they offer tremendous value for $30 a month.