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Barry Greenstein thinks Obama secretly supports US Online Poker

by Jeremy

For quite some time, people were waiting on US President Barrack Obama to make a statement on same sex marriage. And this past week, Obama came out and said that he’s in support of gay marriage, which has caused quite a controversy throughout America.

High stakes poker pro Barry Greenstein took this opportunity to imply that Obama also silently supports online poker - but he has yet to really take a stand on this measure during his time in office. Greenstein tweeted the following about the matter:

@barrackobama admitted he thinks gays should have equal rights. Will he also admit poker players need their personal freedom?

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Assuming Greenstein is correct about his thoughts on Obama, this is a valid question. However, some people feel like he’s going too far by equating the online poker issue to gay rights. Gaming attorney Stuart Hoegner was one of these people as he said the following:

My problem is with the implication that the two rights are somehow equivalent. I support both rights, but they aren’t the same, nor are they equivalent. One is a fundamental issue of civil rights and human dignity. Online poker is an economic right and a personal freedom that, while important, does not and should not be accorded the same level of urgency as a state law discriminating on the basis of someone’s sexual orientation. I like to play Internet poker and I think I should be allowed to play online, but I would never say that my right to attend an online cardroom is as imperative as someone’s right to state recognition of and respect for one of their closest and most intimate relationships.

Hoegner finished by saying that he believes Barry Greenstein is a pretty intelligent guy, and he thinks the poker pro merely made a quick comment without fully thinking it through. Whatever the case may be, it would be nice if Barrack Obama does finally make a statement about US online poker at some point.

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