Barry Greenstein scammed in iPhone Chinese Poker

by Jeremy Olson on February 17, 2013

Poker pro Barry Greenstein believes that he was the victim of a recent iPhone Chinese Poker scam. Greenstein was playing a free Open-Faced Chinese Poker iPhone application and betting $50 per 100 points on the side. Everything seemed to be going well until the stakes were doubled to $100 per 100 points.

At this point, Barry’s opponent began getting perfect cards on the river – despite having few outs on most of these hands. After seeing the other player go on an unbelievable run, Greenstein contacted his nephew, who’s a computer programmer. His nephew concluded that the free iPhone app could easily be cheated assuming one had solid computer programming skills. Greenstein wrote about the matter on his PokerStars blog with the following:

I began calling around to people who were playing a lot. Pretty much anybody who has won big at this game at this point is under suspicion, because it’s so easy to cheat. There are two broader morals to the story. One is that when you play on an app such as this one for money, you better know who you’re playing with and that you’re in possible danger of being cheated.

Secondly, as a general gambling premise, if you go somewhere and you lose and you don’t understand why you’re losing—especially if you seem to be losing in ways that don’t seem right to you—you have to quit. That’s just a general rule of gambling that you need to use to protect yourself.

Greenstein never revealed exactly how much money he lost while playing the game, nor did he give up the name of the suspected cheater. Instead, it appears as if he merely wanted to warn people about betting money on free iPhone apps since there are security flaws present.