UK’s Barry Denson beats Phil Laak’s Poker Endurance Record

by Jeremy

Two years ago, Phil Laak made history when he played poker for over 115 straight hours. The poker pro smashed the Guinness World Record for this feat - although it was not without consequences since he began hallucinating at one point.

Despite what Laak experienced when breaking the poker endurance record, former British solider Barry Denson felt like taking a shot at poker history. Denson used Manchester’s G Casino as his stage, and he pulled the feat off by playing poker for just over 120 straight hours.

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As you may have guessed, Denson didn’t just walk into G Casino unprepared as he faced countless hours at the table. Instead he made plenty of preparations in hopes of outlasting Laak’s impressive mark. The Brit discussed this by saying, “I prepared for the heat by gradually shortening my sleep over the period of five weeks until I was running on less than three hours sleep a night and this did help tremendously.”

Denson continued by talking about his hallucinations and said, “I expected to experience side effects. Phil Laak spoke after his record of experiencing visual hallucinations but my effect was slightly different in that I experienced aural hallucination.” He added, “At one stage I was sure that I could hear small children laughing and playing around the slots, which were quite close to the table.”

What’s nice is that Barry Denson didn’t do this purely out of self promotion, but rather to benefit the Help For Heroes charity. In all, Denson was able to raise £850 for the charity, and he’ll be donating the cash very soon.

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