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Barney Frank Set to Try Again - UIGEA

by Poker Team

By now it is no secret that the UIGEA is at best, a controversial topic in American mainstream culture. As of late, this former hot topic has taken a back seat to some of the larger and much more important issues for the American people. The struggling global economy has made sure of that. However, that does not mean that it isn’t still on the minds of some Congressional leaders.

Though he made several attempts at reaching a compromise during various times of the Bush administration, time and time again, Congressman Barney Frank watched helplessly as his attempts were met by Republican stonewalling and opposition from some political factions. He does however remain undeterred in his beliefs and still has plans to push his agenda forward, a development that poker players around the country welcome with open arms.

It was revealed this week that shortly after April 20th, Frank plans to introduce a new proposal in another attempt to work around the UIGEA. Under his new bill, Frank seeks to establish a licensing and regulatory framework for online gambling legislation. In breaking away from earlier attempts in which Frank tried to piggyback his proposals onto other more critical items, Frank this time will introduce his proposal as a stand alone referendum, which some observers believe will make it more palatable before Congress.

Frank is looking to open the doors of communication on the matter, have it openly discussed on the floor and ultimately voted on. Though full details have not yet been revealed, it is believed that Frank’s latest attempt is his most comprehensive to date and that it stands a better than decent chance of succeeding.

Online poker players will hold their collective breaths in the hopes that his latest attempt will not be in vain.

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