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Barbara Enright bashed for Bubble Payout Refusal

by Jeremy

Barbara Enright is a true trailblazer of poker since she’s the first woman to win an open WSOP bracelet event (1996 PLO), the first female to make the WSOP Main Event final table (1995), and the quickest woman to win three WSOP gold bracelets. Apparently though, this meant very little to some players at a recent Las Vegas tournament where Enright refused to agree to a bubble boy payout.

Getting into the specifics, the remainder of the field wanted to take $165 out of the $5k first place prize to pay the bubble boy. Enright turned out to be the lone objector - even though she only had a middle stack. A poster on TwoPlusTwo described their view of the situation since they were at the tournament:

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s any players right to object to paying the bubble, absolutely - but after 8 hours in a large field MTT with a low price point full of recreational players, it just it seems Barbara was a bit out of line as someone who should be an ambassador of the game. Wouldn’t it be a bit -EV in life to have everyone see you as a cruel degenerate hag who won’t spare a micro slice of a 5K prize that is likely to be chopped up anyway?

Interestingly enough, the thread has expanded into a pretty big debate, with people having mixed views on whether Enright should’ve agreed to help the bubble boy. Looking at this from a broader perspective, much of the poker community is split on whether everybody should agree to chipping in for the bubble boy.

One side points to the fact that one extra payout helps reduce variance for tournament players, while the other side says that - if the bubbler gets paid - then there’s just another bubble boy who busts out before them.

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