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Sunday Million Results 7/27/08

by Poker Team

avkid86 Wins PokerStars Sunday Million

Sunday Million Results - avkid86This week’s Sunday Million saw 8,370 players competing for $1,674,000 in prize money. The $215 buy-in tournament is held every Sunday at PokerStars and is the largest weekly guaranteed tournament online. This week there were 1,260 players that took home a piece of the prize pool with PokerStars player “avkid86” winning the July 27th, 2008 Sunday Million.

Final Table of the Sunday Million - 7/22/08

It took nearly 10 hours of online poker play, the final table was set and actually Jimboski30 had the chip lead going into this final table:

1. avkid86 (United Kindom)
2. strahhh25 (Austria)
3. pokerbrat13 (Canada)
4. Gambooooool (Belarus)
5. tonijeromi (Germany)
6. dapoopta (United States)
7. Jimboski30 (Canada)
8. gio_piso (Ireland)
9. DonC33 (United Kindom)

Quick Eliminations

Eliminations happened quickly in this week’s Sunday Million as “DonC33″ and “gio_piso” were knocked out within the first four hands of the final table. Shortly afterwards, our chip leader Jimboski30 was knocked out in 7th place but took home a respectable $29,295 in prize money.

As the big blinds were up to $1 Million dapoopta went all-in with pocket deuces against eventual winner avkid86 who had As-10h in his pocket. The flop came with an Ah and that was all for dapoopta.

Tonijeromi’s back for another Sunday Million

Tonijeromi was no stranger to the final table at the Sunday Million as he had been there once before. This time however, Tonijeromi was knocked out quicker than last time as he shoved all-in pre-flop with Ks-10s against Gambooooool’s pocket threes. The flop came Jh-3h-Qd, and the river of Jc gave Gambooooool a full-house.

Final Four

The final four at the final table made a deal where each of them was guaranteed at least a $100,000 payout. There would be $30K left to play for but at this time, the payouts were as follows:

Avkid86 - $108,101
Gambooooool - $113,016
Strahhh25 - $118,193
Pokerbrat13 - $138,077.00

Heads up Match between avkid86 and strahhh25

Gambooooool and Pokerbrat13 were eliminated leaving both avkid86 and strahhh25, also a member of Intellipoker. There were a number of chip leads as both players won pots back and forth. strahhh25 won a huge pot with over 77 million chips and quickly went all-in pre-flop.

strahhh25 - Qc-7h

avkid86 - Kc-5s

Flop - Ks-3s-5d

Turn - 9h

River - 3d

After 11 hours or online poker tournament action, avkid86 was the winner with 2 pair and earned $138,101 for the 1st place finish. strahhh25 took home $113,016 for the second place finish. Congratulations to the winners!

If you would like to compete in the PokerStars Sunday Million, simply sign up for an account with PokerStars by downloading the software on our PokerStars Marketing Code page. This will ensure you receive the maximum bonus offered by PokerStars. Then look for the Sunday Million tournament in the lobby each Sunday evening.

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