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Australia Banning Online Poker Sites

by Poker Team

The Australian government is in the process of drafting a law to force Internet service providers to block inappropriate websites. This list of proposes websites was reportedly leaked onto the Internet to sites like Wikileaks, an anonymous document repository for whistleblowers, and certain Christian sites. The proposed law would block this list of websites at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) level in Australia.

The list of about 2,395 banned websites includes sites dedicated to child pornography, terrorism, and online poker. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, which gained access to the list, about 50% of the list is not related to child pornography and includes online poker portals and other gay and lesbian oriented sites.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, which gained access to the list, about half of the banned Web sites are not related to child pornography. These include online poker portals, YouTube links, gay and straight porn sites, euthanasia pages, sites belonging to fringe religions as well as some pertaining to Christianity and the home pages of private companies and medical practitioners.

The Broadband and Communications Minister of Australia, Stephen Conroy, indicated that the list that was leaked is actually not the real list. One of the major ISP’s in Australia, Tech2U, also indicated that the recently leaked list is not similar to the list provided to them earlier in the year.

Interestingly, if any Australian is caught distributing the list or accessing child pornography sites on the list, that person could face criminal charges and up to 10 years in prison. Regardless of which sites are on the list, it does look like there will be several online poker and online gambling sites that will soon be blocked at the ISP level by the Australian Government.

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