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Antonius Wins $606K Poker Hand

by Poker Team

Following up a week in which the largest online poker pot ever changed four times, Patrik Antonius was involved in another trademark pot. Though it did not break any records, the circumstances of the pot are quite newsworthy. Antonius’ opponent in this particular hand is a player named “Larsluzak” as the two battled it out in a $500/$1000 No Limit Hold’em game at Full Tilt Poker. “LarsLuzak” is a young and talented Finnish player whose real name is Sami Kelopuro.

In this particular hand, the table was 3-handed but with Phil Ivey sitting out, it was a battle of the blinds as Antonius was in the small blind and Kelopuro was in the big blind. The stack sizes leading into the hand were pretty close as Antonius had $318K and Kelopuro having $303K. Preflop, Antonius raised to $3,000 and Kelopuro fairly quickly re-raised to $11,000. Antonius smooth-called. The flop was 8-5-3 rainbow. And Kelopuro fired out about a _ pot bet of $16K. Again, Antonius smooth-called.

The turn card was the Ace of spades and again, Kelopuro led out, this time firing $32K out and once again, Antonius called. The river card paired the board with the 8 of spades and for the third consecutive round, Kelopuro bet out. After Antonius pushed all in over the top of Kelopuro’s $68,000 bet and Kelopuro called, railbirds were stunned at what they saw. Antonius held pocket 8’s for rivered quads. Though he mucked, Kelopuro stated in chat that he was holding pocket Aces meaning he had Aces full on the turn and Antonius hit his only out on the river.

Sometimes in online poker, you are just destined to lose your stack.

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