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Antonius in September Swoon

by Omar

No one said the life of a high stakes poker player is all roses.  Sure, there are riches to be made but with life changing sums of money to the common man changing hands with the turn of a card, the downswings and losing sessions are just mind blowing to comprehend.  Yesterday, this fact couldn’t be truer for top flight pro Patrik Antonius.

In a single bloody session lasting an average workday of 8 hours, Antonius effectively lost the equivalent of about 8-10 people’s annual salary by dropping over $300K at the Full Tilt nosebleed tables.

What’s more troubling for Antonius is that he lost all that money against a single player, someone named Malestra Pam, over the course of 1,432 hands of  $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold’em.  Antonius’ bruised ego can perhaps take solace in the fact that Pam is rumored to be a top flight limit specialist in his native country of Russia.

The loss continues a monthlong swoon for Antonius who is reportedly down over a quarter million dollars. On the flip side, Pam is among the top money earners over the same period as he has booked about a half million in profits.

Meanwhile, with Durrrr locked up in his latest Challenge with Jungleman12 it appears that Antonius matchup with Durrrr could last into 2011.

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