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Antonius Extends His Lead Over Durrrr

by Poker Team

There is no doubting Patrik Antonius’ skill level.  His latest results in his challenge match against Durrrr on Full Tilt Poker have backed up that fact as Antonius dominated Durrrr during session #7 on Sunday.

Antonius Up $107K+

The duo has now played a total of 5,517 hands during the challenge, meaning it is far from over.
This go around, after besting Durrrr is a series of $80,000 and up pots, Antonius now has a lead of $107,455.  Obviously, Durrrr is not exactly a rank amateur and he fought valiantly to pull even at several points in the match.  However, in addition to taking on a tough opponent, Durrrr also had to contend with a faulty internet connection, complaining several times about the situation.  In chat, Durrrr lamented:

durrrr: i guess i need to quit
durrrr: until i fix intnet
durrrr: that was almost pretty costly
durrrr: well
Dealer: durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr: i guess it wouldv saved me $$ lol
durrrr: but lost ev
Patrik Antonius: k

Once Durrrr came close to evening things up, Antonius went on a rampage, profiting $170,000 during a 100 hand stretch.  The one key hand of the session occurred when both players flopped a flush draw.  When the flush hit however, Anotnius’ was better and he took down a pot of over $155,000.
Don’t expect these two to continue the match until Durrrr gets his internet situation sorted out.

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