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Antonius Cleans Up Nosebleed 6-Max

by Poker Team

After enduring a rough beginning to 2010, Patrik Antonius has seemingly fully regrouped and gotten himself back into form. At one point, the popular European was over $2.5 million in the red and could only watch as players such as Cole South enjoyed multi-million dollar success during the same time period. Whatever the cause of the extended losing streak was, it certainly appears to be a thing of the past as he slowly but surely has inched back, making a return to profitability within striking range.

Last night, Antonius found himself in the midst of a $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha matchup at Full Tilt Poker against some of the game’s finest. For most of the evening, he was playing 4-handed, seated at a table with pros Gus Hansen, Cole South and Phil Ivey. The action was plentiful throughout and Antonius was smack dab in the middle of it all, being involved in all of the 5 largest pots of the evening, all in a one hour stretch.

The largest of the large was a $120K pot against Cole South in which both players got all the money in on the flop. Antonius held middle pair and a straight draw while South held and over pair and flush draw, thus having his opponent dominated. The turn and river did nothing to help Antonius and South took it down. Just a short time later, the two pros would again get all the money in the middle on the flop heads up, this time however, Antonius had flopped a boat and South was drawing slim. Antonius took this one down for $116K. In another notable monster pot, Antonius flopped top set against Hansen’s over pair to take down a pot worth $108K.

When the matchup concluded, Antonius, powered by his fortuitous timing, finished up $137K. On the opposite end of the spectrum was South who continued his downward spiral, booking another $70K loss. In fact, South has not managed to book a winning session in several weeks as variance is taking its toll on him.

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