Annie Duke, Vanessa Rousso releasing HU Poker Book

by Jeremy

Few poker players have seen their popularity decline as quickly as Annie Duke has within the past couple of years. The first reason why people hate her is because she pushed Ultimate Bet Poker for years, then mysteriously left a few months before Black Friday - when UB went down along with millions in players’ money.

Another big reason why Duke is so loathed is due to her Epic Poker League Commissioner job, where she guaranteed a $1 million freeroll just before the league folded. Of course, Daniel Negreanu could give you a dozen or so other reasons to hate Duke, which we won’t go into now.

Taking all of this into account, the poker community can’t be overly-excited about the new book she’ll be releasing along with Vanessa Rousso. According to the following tweet, this book will center on heads-up poker play:

@AnnieDuke: Proofing @VanessaRousso and my heads up poker book. Really excited to see this come out this year.

Despite her tarnished reputation throughout the poker world, Duke probably does have a fair amount of knowledge to offer players. After all, she’s got $4,270,549 in live poker tournament winnings and a WSOP bracelet. However, many people would point out that she hasn’t cashed in a poker tourney since 2010 and couldn’t make a living grinding against the younger, better pros of today.

Perhaps that’s why Vanessa Rousso is so critical here because she’s been a little more active on the felt in recent times. Sure Rousso hasn’t cashed in 2012, but she did make $519,317 in 2011 and another $616,514 the year before that. Overall, she’s earned $3,471,294 in live tournaments and has four top 10 finishes in major WPT events.