Poker Players Angry over Annie Duke speaking at Stanford

by Jeremy Olson on May 28, 2013

Thanks to her “Celebrity Apprentice” appearance and (failed) Epic Poker League commissioner role, Annie Duke has been landing some pretty big speaking engagements lately. This included a recent lecture at Stanford University on the subject of “Decision Making” - a concept that may have escaped her while representing UB Poker.

Seeing as Duke is a controversial figure in the poker world for many different reasons, some players aren’t too happy about her speaking at Stanford. One person who heard about the engagement took it upon himself to write a letter to the university. Posting under the name “GoldenBears,” he wrote the following on TwoPlusTwo:

One of my classmates told me that Annie Duke gave a lecture in an undergrad class here at Stanford on “Decision Making” and I blew a ****ing gasket.

I’m writing a letter to the professor now, can people please link me to articles and proof and good posts re: epic poker, ultimate bet and admitted use of super user cams on delay and anything else that I might need?

Since this original post, several people have joined in to provide GoldenBears with a list of Duke’s scandalous acts. Duke’s most notable downfalls include helping run the Epic Poker League into the ground and representing/owning shares in UB.

As for the EPL, the poker organization quickly went bankrupt while owing creditors tens of millions of dollars. In regard to UB, this site is arguably the most repulsive poker room in history. Not only did UB feature a superuser scandal, but they also went down with over $20 million in player deposits after Black Friday.

Since Duke proudly pimped UB and even had ownership in the company (iovation), many people in the poker community can’t stand her. So it’s no surprise that some players are outraged that she spoke at one of the United States’ most prestigious universities.

  • Felisa Doris

    Although there have been issues in the past, she still is a very intelligent and noteworthy speaker. I have seen her speak several times and she has provided some very valid information. Haters going to hate.