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Annie Duke Returns to Poker

by Poker Team

After taking a self-imposed six month break from playing poker, Annie Duke is making a return to the poker scene. On a blog post of her website, Duke says that the reason that she took time off to begin with was because of her outside endeavors that were occupying much of her focus. Her official announcement comes on the heels of Duke’s playing in the Bellagio Five Diamond $15,000 event which was the first live poker tournament she has played in since the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

In the past six months, however, Duke has been quite busy, enjoying her newfound celebrity status. She didn’t set out to take all this time off. Back in September, Duke was gearing up to play in a tournament at the Bike casino. Instead, she participated in the “Best Damn Poker Show” for so that tournament plan was scrapped.

Then, in October, she had plans to play in the Festa al Lago tournament but she was in New York filing the second installment of Celebrity Apprentice. In November, she was slated for two episodes of Poker After Dark but she was still in New York.

This brings us back to November for the Five Diamond classic where she made her return and she is now back in poker full time. In the near future, she plans to play an event at the Commerce Casino out in Los Angeles and the preliminary events leading up to the World Series of Poker 2009.

She is quite enthusiastic about the possibility of being a full-fledged poker player again and feels the time away can set her up to make a successful comeback I am actually really excited about it.

No matter how you feel about Duke, her announcement and return to the game is sure to attract a lot of opinions of the matter. Let’s see what 2009 has in store for her.

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