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Annie Duke on Craig Ferguson

by Jeremy

Epic Poker League commissioner Annie Duke appeared on the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show in order to promote her new book Decide to Play Better Poker, and to give her new poker league a plug.

Interestingly enough, Duke didn’t speak about the Epic Poker League much - although she did speak for about 20 seconds on how the “best play the best” in this league. Moving to the book, which is what the bulk of Duke’s conversation was about, she told Ferguson how a lot of poker is figuring out how people are acting towards you, and what you can do to combat this.

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Perhaps the funniest part of the whole bit was when Duke was describing to Ferguson how players who are licking or pursing their lips are most likely lying. The Late Late Show host then started licking his lips in a crazy fashion and said, “They’re either licking their lips or coming onto you.”

A little later in the interview, Duke admitted that her kids don’t play poker, and she doesn’t play the game with them either. And when people ask her why she doesn’t play poker with her kids, Duke rationalized it by posing the question, ‘does a lawyer play trial with their children?’ Instead, Duke says that she plays Apples to Apples with her kids.

The interview ended with both Ferguson and Duke playing harmonicas before the show went to commmercial break. If you’d like to see the entire clip of Annie Duke on the Craig Ferguson show, you can check out the video right here.

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