Andrew Robl wins $1m at Aussie Millions – Almost didn’t play

by Jeremy Olson on January 27, 2013

Poker is a game where one or two big decisions can change your life and career. And Andrew Robl reinforced this fact after recently winning the Aussie Millions $100k Challenge along with $1 million. Besides the fact that he earned $1 million for the victory, what’s amazing about this story is how close Robl came to not (re)playing.

Out of the 22 players who paid the $100k buy-in for this re-entry tournament, Robl was the first one to bust out. And the 26-year-old wasn’t about to buy back in since he was angry about going out so early. He said:

I was a little bit upset and the last thing I wanted to do was sit there and grind a poker tournament. I went and had dinner with my girlfriend and started feeling better and decided to come give it another shot.

Spending another $100,000 definitely turned out to be a good decision because Robl eventually found himself on the seven-player final table. He picked up more steam on the final table and eliminated four out of his six opponents on the way to the title.

In the end, he gained an $800,000 net profit, rather than the $100,000 he would’ve lost by not re-buying. Thanks to the $1 million payout, Robl now has $3,423,969 in career winnings. Among these earnings include a pair of runner-up finishes in the 2010 WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic ($549,003) and 2012 WPT World Championship ($822,375).

The bulk of Andrew Robl’s winnings have come through high stakes cash games in Las Vegas and Macau. Last year, he was rumored to have been involved in a number of huge pots. One story even had him winning $2 million and losing it all in a single session. Lucky for Robl, he’s been good at keeping his winnings most of the time.