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Amid Confusion, PokerStars Deals 25 Billionth Hand

by Poker Team

As reported last week, PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site was on the verge of a major milestone as they prepared to deal their 25 billionth hand. The winner of the milestone hand was set to walk away with cash and prizes totaling over $155,000.   Well, this past weekend, the hand was dealt but it happened under a bit of controversy as to the table players.  According to a statement by the site, the confusion occurred as a result of a software error and as a result, two players split the big prize.

Starting on February 11th, the site begin awarding prizes for every 1,000,000 hands dealt to the lucky players who were in action at each table and the prizes ranged from $300, to $2,500 based on table stakes and VIP ranking.  Then, on Monday, the time approached fro the granddaddy of the prizes.  As luck would have it, the table was a six-handed $1/$2 Limit Omaha High-Low table.

The players sitting at the table were:

CONFEDERATE (not dealt into the hand and not eligible for any of the bounty)

The hand began with a PokerStars host explaining to the players what was happening and what was at stake.  The winner would receive $150,000 in cash and prizes in the form of a $100,000 cash payout into their account and $100,000 being split among the other players.

Since it was a high-low table, a split pot would result in 2 winners.  This is where the confusion occurred.  With so many players watching, the software caused Neonfrost’s hand to disappear from the table which meant he could not take part in the hand.

With so much at stake, PokerStars quickly reviews what happened and ruled that Neonfrost would split the prize with Tupapi777 as he made the low and Nenfrost would have hit the high.  Each player split the cash and each received complete tournament packages.

Meanwhile, the remaining 3 players at the table each received $33,333 in cash.  Not a bad score for being at the right place at the right time.

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