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Amarillo Slim Beaten and Robbed

by Poker Team

News broke last night that 80-year old poker legend Amarillo Slim was robbed and assaulted in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas.  Allegedly, the former World Series of Poker Champion was attempting to obtain collateral on a debt owed to him.  The debt he was owed was $3,000 and he was merely trying to collect some kind of down payment on the amount.  According to Amarillo Police Lieutenant Jim McKenny, Slim met his assailant at an agreed to location, an open field where he thought he would be picking up some type of 4-wheeler as the collateral.

Instead, Slim, whose real name is Thomas Preston ended up at a local hospital with a broken jaw, broken hand and thumb.  In addition to the beat-down, he was robbed of $8,000 in cash and a diamond ring worth more than $85,000.  It was reported that Slim has been robbed before in the past and is known for carrying large sums of cash on him.  In addition, hanging out with shady gambling figures into the attack.

In addition to this latest incident, Slim was reportedly shot at in his car during a robbery attempt and in 2007, was the victim of a home invasion in which he was beaten, tied up and robbed for an undisclosed amount of money.

In addition to the robberies, Slim was accused of sexually molesting his niece by his own daughter, though accounts of the incident are conflicting due to reports the allegation was made following a financial dispute.

It is all a far cry for the accolades he received after winning the 1972 World Series of Poker and being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1992.

Since then, Slim’s personal life has come under heavy scrutiny as his son was charged with a gambling conspiracy years ago and he pleaded down to an assault charge in the molestation case.

Police have not identified any possible suspects in the latest robbery.

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