Allen Bari tries bashing Daniel Negreanu’s Twitch Session

by Jeremy Olson on April 22, 2015

Allen Bari is one of those poker players who should probably have his Twitter privileges revoked because he doesn’t have much positive to offer. Case in point: he took to bashing Daniel Negreanu’s recent Twitch session, where Kid Poker played high stakes mixed games.

The cyber conversation started with Bari slighting Negreanu’s mixed-game experience, to which both Negreanu and Doyle Brunson had something to say. Here’s a look at what went down on Bari’s Twitter:

Bari: NOOOOOO.. I was hoping the day wouldn’t come that someone who has played tens of hours of mixed games like @RealKidPoker would TWITCH

Negreanu: @allenbari what do you think I was doing for 10 years when you were a pimple faced child? #CrushingSouls

Bari: @RealKidPoker I never had pimples, but yes I am sure the games were tough back then.. don’t worry I will continue watching you and promoting

Brunson: @RealKidPoker I guess @allenbari is getting a commision on his tweets. If he don’t and really means them,he should probably stfu.#education

Bari: @TexDolly your grammar is shit.. #education

David Servedio: I’m fairly certain @allenbari was still crusting socks and tossing them under his bed when @TexDolly & @RealKidPoker were playing mix games

It’s always funny to see trolls get owned on their own Twitter account. So I certainly found it hilarious on how quickly Bari backed down when confronted about what he wrote. However, I must say that the tweet about Bari crusting socks creates a pretty bad visual that makes me wish I’d never looked into this story in the first place. Oh well, maybe I can get over it by watching Negreanu crush another mixed-games session during his Twitch broadcasts.