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Alex Rodriguez Poker Rumors Dismissed

by Jeremy

Just last week, we reported how Star Magazine claimed Tobey Maguire may have made between $30 and $40 million in high stakes poker games around the L.A. area. And there is another report from Star Magazine about how Major League Baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez was involved in this high stakes scene too.

According to their story, Rodriguez was playing in cash games with extremely high buy-ins. This was verified by poker pro Adam Bilzerian when he told the Star, “I was surprised to see just how good a poker player Alex is. A-Rod won a bunch of money. I remember I was sitting at a table a few years ago at the Bellagio in Vegas, and in comes Alex and the dude sat at the same table that I’m playing at.”

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Bilzerian continued by saying, “The average buy-in was about $5,000 but you could buy-in for a $100,000 if you wanted too. There were about seven other players at the table. Alex busted everyone except me. I was like whoa, this guy can play. He had an amazing run. He won about $20,000 and left with everyone’s money.”

In addition to Bilzerian’s claims, the New York Yankees supposedly warned Rodriquez about playing in illegal poker clubs across New York City.  Apparently, Phil Hellmuth was at these clubs too.

However, the Yankees have also denied that Rodriquez is involved in the Hollywood high stakes games. According the the Wall Street Journal:

A spokesman for Yankees star Alex Rodriguez says the slugger never played in the illegal celebrity poker games that ensnared such stars as Tobey Maguire.

Star Magazine reported Friday several people saw A-Rod playing at one of the games that were hosted at Hollywood hotels and private residences.

Richard Rubenstein tells The Associated Press that A-Rod “has not participated in these poker games.”

Perhaps there is some validity to these stories since Rodriguez wasn’t named in the lawsuit involving Maguire and other celebrities.

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