GPI’s Alex Dreyfus writes Letter to “AmayaSanta”

by Jeremy Olson on December 3, 2014

Many in the online poker community are a little concerned over Amaya Gaming’s bold changes at PokerStars. And you can add Global Poker Index founder Alex Dreyfus to this list.

One of the game’s more-powerful figures, Dreyfus recently expressed his concerns to “AmayaSanta.” And the main tone here seems to be Dreyfus’ worry that Amaya is forgetting the foundation of what makes PokerStars great - poker. Here are the four main points of his letter:

1. I wish for Pokerstars to not forget Poker in 2015. Your line was “Find the Poker Star in you”. Hopefully you’ll not forget to find the “Poker in you”.

2. I wish for Pokerstars to remember that Poker is the foundation of the company, and sometime the time spent on diversification may eventually affect its grassroots, stopping the innovation and disruption thats needed to continue creating growth in your market.

3. I wish for Pokerstars to realize that its rake increase will affect the lives of Poker Ambassadors, the Heroes. These are aspirational individuals for casual/ recreational players.
I know that you take the best decisions that make sense for the company, for its shareholders, but I wish you to remember that the journey is long. Long term decisions will always pay better that short term ones.

4. I wish for Pokerstars to acquire a Sportsbook (along with a strong casino) but do so without making the mistakes made by Party.Bwin and Betclic-Expekt-Everest. Please SantAmaya, remember what Mrs. Claus always said : Bigger is not always better.

It’s interesting that Dreyfus mentions Party.Bwin and Betclic at the end since both companies have struggled mightily after growing bigger. In Party.Bwin’s case, there are constantly rumors of them trying to find a buyer.

It would be hard to see PokerStars ever struggling this bad, no matter how big they try to go. But then again, anything’s possible when a company makes this many changes in such a short amount of time.