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Poker Player Alan Meltzer passes Away

by Jeremy

In some very sad poker news, Alan Meltzer passed away at the age of 67. Meltzer was best known by poker players for his TV appearances on High Stakes Poker Season 5, where he was often a lightening-rod for action. And although he wasn’t exactly a professional player, Meltzer was perfect for TV poker because of his great experiences and interesting life stories.

In addition to being on High Stakes Poker, Alan Meltzer also played in many of the non-televised high stakes poker games in Las Vegas and Hollywood. It wasn’t uncommon for him to set up cash games to his liking that included a mixture of pros and rich businessmen who had one thing in common - there were loose, aggressive players.

Away from the poker tables, Meltzer was a successful record executive who owned Wind-up Entertainment, which signed successful acts like Creed and Evanescence.

People on the TwoPlusTwo forums posted about the tragic passing of Alan Meltzer, and here are some of the quotes from the thread:

He allowed Durr and others to shine on HSP and did not have a cheating scandal of any kind attached to his name. A true 1 percenter. Rest in Peace.

He had plenty of cool stories to tell when he played PAD, he lived quite a life.

Rip allan, u made hsp more enjoyable for sure

I know he will have obviously accomplished many great things in his life but I will always remember him as a recreational player I enjoyed watching play. There is not many of them so I wil say Thank you Mr Meltzer.

he was really nice to watch on HSP

RIP. For the amount that people ripped on him when he first showed up on the poker TV shows, he really started to grow on me. Sad to hear he’s gone.

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