Affleck, Timberlake bash Poker in Runner, Runner Promo Video

by Jeremy Olson on September 14, 2013

With its September 27th release date closing in, Runner, Runner is being promoted more than ever before. And part of this furious promotion includes a recent video that features Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and the director, Brad Furman, speaking about online gambling.

Affleck wastes no time in letting people now what this video is all about as he starts in right away. “Internet gambling, it’s sort of like the crack version you know what I mean. It’s right into your house, it’s right into your living room.”

Furman is next up as he discusses how offshore gambling operators try to flaunt US laws. “It’s all around the world from Dubai to Costa Rica. All of these bizarre outposts where they can avoid US regulation - that’s very similar to our movie Runner, Runner.” Furman later adds, “There’s a lot of shady operators in that world. It seems to breed people who are drawn to this element of risk.”

Timberlake pinpoints how Runner, Runner seeks to capitalize on the fairly recent events of Black Friday. “There is a moment for this movie, and that moment is now.”

Unfortunately, it looks as if this moment is aimed at bashing online poker operators and the internet gaming world in general. Some industry analysts see this as a looming blow to online gambling, while others believe it might force countries like the United States to seriously consider regulation.

Whatever the aftermath is from this film, we’ll likely see it in a few months, once Runner, Runner has its time in theaters. Until then, enjoy the promo video here.

  • Josh

    This movie comes out October 4th, not September 27th.