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Adam Junglen falsely accused of stealing Poker Bracelet

by Jeremy

The past several months have been rough on former PokerStars pro Adam Junglen. Not only have his declining tournament earnings ($29k in 2012) forced him to consider another career path, but he’s also been falsely accused of stealing a poker bracelet from Jimmy Fricke.

Apparently, Fricke was looking for his 2008 Bellagio Cup bracelet one day and couldn’t find it. This prompted his mother (posting under “Gobbomom”) to unleash a twitter rage on Junglen. The tweets not only accused him of stealing Fricke’s bracelet, but also labeled him a drug addict and “dog-hurter.” Here are a few tweets from Gobbomom:

- @adamjunglen you little bastard, if you don’t relocate Jimmy’s bracelet, I’m going to call your parents. I promise.

- @adamjunglen a “friend” doesn’t hurt his host’s dog. I don’t care about being smart. At least I’m not a druggie thief like you.

- @adamjunglen yeah w/e Adam. go to rehab. I’m calling your parents. You need help.

Eventually Fricke found the bracelet and issued a twitter apology to Junglen. Gobbomom also apologized profusely for the various accusations that she hurled at Adam.

As many people in this TwoPlusTwo forum thread alluded to, Junglen probably could’ve sued Fricke’s mother for defamation of character. However, he more than took the high road by calling Fricke and his mother to tell them congratulations for finding the bracelet.

Now that the drama is over, Fricke’s mother claims she won’t post anymore things on the internet. After all, she had to have embarrassed her son pretty badly based on the way she talked to Junglen. Plus it’s never fun seeing your mom handle your battles in front of thousands of people in the poker community.

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