Absolute Poker Player Balances discussed

by Jeremy

It’s been quite a while since Black Friday happened, but that doesn’t mean online poker players have by any means forgotten about the events. Going further, they definitely haven’t forgotten about their lost money either. This is certainly the case with Absolute Poker, and former players are currently discussing the status of their account balances.

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Seeing as how Absolute Poker is one of the lesser discussed sites that got hit by Black Friday (Full Tilt dominates this talk), it’s interesting to hear AP players talking. The discussion is currently happening at TwoPlusTwo where someone kicked things off by posting:

What was (or is) the final word on Absolute Poker accounts? Someone I know just mentioned to me that he has a balance of between $10,000-$15,000 on the site and believes he has no hope of getting it back.

There have been plenty of responses to this inquiry, and some of them include the following comments:

- Cereus is supposed to be in liquidation, though nothing has been reported since the intitial story broke. He may get 5-20 cents on the dollar some day.

- The problem is the owners ran the site into the ground and then the DOJ took what was left on BF.

- I haven’t been following the UB/AP thing too closely, but if I had 100K on cereus and someone offered me $500 for it, I’d at least consider the offer. Asking for anything over 1K is probably straight up trying to hustle the guy.

- Annie Duke and Phil Gordon developed the software. Phil Gordon is not getting enough blame imo. He distanced himself long ago for whatever reason, I believe he knows things critical to the case, but did not knowingly do anything bad.

Obviously none of this sounds too promising, but it would be nice if players could get some of their money back from Absolute Poker in the future. If you’d like to check out the whole conversation, you can see it here.