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AbsolutePoker launches Absolute Buddy for Poker Players

by Poker Team

Absolute Buddy application helps find poker players

This past weekend, Absolute Poker launched a fantastic new application for their poker players. The “Absolute Buddy” application helps Absolute Poker players locate their favorite players at the tables and connect with them instantly.

Absolute Buddy - Absolute Poker

Registered users of Absolute Poker are now able to log into their account, update their Absolute Buddy list with their friends’ poker screen names, and keep track when those players are online or even playing at a table themselves. You can even update your favorite Absolute Poker pros like Liv Boeree and see where and when she is playing online.

How does the Absolute Buddy work?

The Absolute Buddy is extremely easy to use and especially if you have experience with various Instant Messenger (IM) services like AOL instant messenger, MSN, and Google Chat. The buddy system works exactly the same as those applications. You add your favorite poker players to your Absolute Buddy list and they are loaded into your Absolute Buddy application.

Players that are shown in Bold are players that are currently logged in to Absolute Poker. If a player is listed in shaded gray, they are not online. When you see a player with a triangle listed next to their name, this means that player is currently playing at a table on Absolute. If you double click that player’s name, you will automatically be sent to the exact same table that the player is currently playing.

Why use the Absolute Buddy?

There are some obvious reasons you would want to use this feature including, locating your friends and finding poker pros, but if you take it one step further, you will see an added benefit that this now gives you. While you are playing poker at Absolute, take notes and keep track of the players that you beat or you notice are terrible poker players. Add them to your Absolute Buddy list and the next time you log in, you can be seated immediately at their table and start taking pots immediately. You can even keep notes on these players for next time with the Absolute Buddy “player notes” feature. If you have not read our “How to be a professional poker player article” yet, you will see that this is one of the fundamental strategies for becoming a consistent winning player.

The best thing is, the players will not know that you are adding them to your Buddy list.

If you don’t have an account at Absolute Poker yet, please be sure to use our Absolute Poker Bonus Code before signing up.

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