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__FullFlush1__ Makes a Noisy Return to Full Tilt

by Poker Team

A highly talented and highly reviled player has made his return to the high stakes cash game tables of Full Tilt Poker.  After taking an extended break during which time his chat privileges were revoked for player abuse, Luke “__FullFlush1__” Schwartz made a very noisy return.

He returned verbally firing on all cylinders as he had plenty to say on a variety of wide ranging topics at the tables, which judging by some of the responses he got, didn’t go over very well with his opponents.  Though he hasn’t played much, he did seem to be on top of current events.  Among his most controversial quips were the following about his chat privileges being reinstated:

“durrrr: want me to ask ftp to do it?
__FullFlush1__: il let u know soon
__FullFlush1__: ye ask them actually
durrrr: ok i will when i land
__FullFlush1__: ok eyeballs”

On Phil”OMGClayAiken” Galfond and his friends:
“__FullFlush1__: team OMGweNerds”

Regarding Phil Hellmuth:
“__FullFlush1__: dif between me and heltmuth is helmuth
thinks hes good but hes not . i knwo im the greatest”

On durrrr’s overall game and his million dollar challenge:
“__FullFlush1__: tell durr again i like the money hes
been donating
Urindanger: take the durrr challenge
__FullFlush1__: juicy 500 thousand dollars
__FullFlush1__: i will”

On his skills at No-Limit Hold’em:
“__FullFlush1__: i got such a huge egde on him and
the rest of the world at nl hu its a joke”

Luke Schwartz Ballin’

Though known for his big mouth, there is no denying that the man can play, as evidenced by the $1.3 million in winning __FullFlush1__ has earned over the past calendar year. As rumors of his retirement circulated, Luke Schwartz returned to the $200/$400 tables with a vengeance, as he is quickly up $50,000

There is no doubt that the top players on Full Tilt Poker will be lining up to take down __FullFlush1__.  They should beware however, as it seems this is just what he wants them to do.

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