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3 Top Players Accept Durrr’s Million Dollar Challenge

by Poker Team

Following up on a story that we reported on earlier in the week, Tom “Durrr” Dwan has three players who have taken him up on his million dollar challenge. The players are no small fish by any means and have the ability and bankroll to take on Durrr. The players are Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonious and David Benyamine, three of the highest rollers in the online poker playing community.

The Durrr Challenge

It would appear that Durrr may have gotten more than he bargained for when he issued his brash challenge. Should Durrr lose to all of his opponents, he stands to lose whatever he loses at the table, along with $4.5 million. On the flip side, if he defeats all three players, he would win $1.5 million in side bets. From a practicality standpoint, the risk vs. reward aspect here seems to be fundamentally flawed.

To reiterate, the way the challenge will work is that Durrr would face his adversary heads up in either No limit Hold em or Pot Limit Omaha at four tables simultaneously. At the conclusion of 50,000 hands, if the opponent is up by at least a single dollar, Durrr will give them an additional $1.5 million. If he is up a single dollar, Durrr would be paid $500,000.

Ivey confirmed his acceptance of the challenge on in an interview with Barry Greenstein. Ivey confirmed that Durrr will first face Benyamine before stepping onto the virtual felt with himself. Though Antonious has confirmed his participation, it is not yet known if he will face Durrr before Ivey or after. No statement on the matter have been made by Durrr so it appears the challenge is still open if anyone else wants to partake.

At press time, start dates have yet to be confirmed, but with the interest this has stirred on the poker forums, the secret will be out before long.

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