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22-Year Old Multi Tabler Hits UB.Com Bad Beat Jackpot

by Omar

By now it is no secret that and by extension, the Cereus Poker Network offers one of the most exhilarating ongoing promotions in the online poker world. This promo is none other than the Bad Beat Jackpot. This promotion more than eases the pain of those players who suffer an otherwise unconscionable losing hand in a cash game. Basically, if a player holds a hand, using both of their hole cards of Aces full of Kings or better and somehow loses, all of the players at the table will receive a percentage of a bonus. Taking an additional rake from specially marked “bad beat” tables, this jackpot grows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and when it hits, it is for a substantial windfall for all involved. With no one hitting the jackpot for several months, the jackpot was particularly robust last weekend, rising to over $550,000.

However, because of the luckiest unlucky person at UB, the jackpot has started to build anew as a player named “RUNURAGGED” had his quad 9’s crushed by quad Queens to earn himself a bankroll creating $201,000. Enticed by the over half million dollar jackpot, “RUNURAGGED”, who had no money in his account decided that today would be his (un)lucky day. He went and grabbed a credit card from his wallet as made a small $44 deposit and within a short time, he achieved a return on investment that most can only dream of attaining. Armed with less than the maximum buy-in for a small .25-.50 no limit game, the player bought in for $40 multi-table tournament, finished in 6th place for just under $300 and he was armed and ready to play some no limit cash games.

He opted to buy in for the minimum of $10 apiece at nine different no limit games. He did so looking to hit and run, double up by gambling and moving on to another table. A short while after starting play, he was dealt pocket 9’s under the gun and decided to open shove his $10, looking for a quick double up. Needless to say, he wasn’t too thrilled when the big blind called with pocket Queens. “RUNURAGGED” was thrilled when he flopped his quad 9’s and he was poised for his double up. Then, the unthinkable happened as the turn and river both brought Queens, giving “RUNURAGGED”one of the worst beats n recent memory, live or online. Within 5 minutes, $201,000 was deposited into his online account and the legend was born. The player gushed about how easy and user-friendly the VIP host was with him and how simple the process was.

For this casual 22-year old player, this is by far the highlight of his poker career and one would imagine would be hard to top. When asked for his plans for his windfall, “RUNURAGGED” said he planned to buy a new top of the line laptop, pay off his and his mom’s credit card bills and providing some financial support to other members of his family.

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