Goofball to run in the Gumball

August 13, 2008

Famous (in his own mind) Magician Antonio Esfandiari to race in the Gumball 3000

antonio esfadiari - gumballPoker professional Antonio Esfandiari is currently participating in the global road rally called the Gumball 3000. Traveling magicians rank right up there with traveling circuses but at least he’s riding in style. You see, the Gumball is a showcase for over 120 of the most expensive, exotic cars in the world. The rally was rumored to have been taking it dying breath last year Read more

Sunday Million 8/10/08 - ziggy47 Winner

August 11, 2008

Ziggy47 - Sunday MillionOver 8,200 players participated in last night’s Sunday Million hosted by online poker room PokerStars. The $1.5 Million guaranteed tournament actually saw a total pot of $1,647,200, with 1260 players taking home some prize money. Ohhaaahhh was the final player to make it to the final nine and he was also the chips leader. Read more

WSOPE - World Series of Poker Europe

August 11, 2008

WSOPE – What is it?

WSOPE - World Series of Poker EuropeThe 2008 WSOPE* or World Series of Poker Europe* comes to the beautiful London Clubs International on Friday the 19th of September. The event is the European arm of the globally recognized World Series of Poker franchise. Expect to see many of Europe’s best poker players on the felt at this prestigious event, which will run until Read more

US says OK to Online Poker in the Nude

August 8, 2008

US Senate Passes Resolution to Allow Nude Online Poker Play

Nude Online Poker PlayIn the wake of HR 6663, Senate reconvened today and whilst was unable to agree on that bill, did take the time to clarify an earlier ruling. In March of this year the bill was signed into law making it unlawful to play poker in the nude. While met with fierce resistance from Read more

FTOPS IX - Event #1 Results

August 7, 2008

The 2008 FTOPS hosted by Full Tilt Poker, got started today with 5,779 players competing in FTOPS Event #1 for a total prize pool of $1,155,800. The $216 buy-in event was one of the largest Full Tilt has seen at one of these events but typically the first few events see the most amount of players. Read more

EPT London - European Poker Tour 2008

August 6, 2008

EPT London – PokerStars

EPT London PokerstarsEuropean poker powerhouses and globe-trotting poker players from all corners of the world will converge on London this October 1-5, 2008. The Grosvenor Victoria Casino will play host to the European Poker Tour 2008. The event is located at: Read more

World Poker Tour - WPT

August 6, 2008

What is The World Poker Tour or WPT?

Taking tournament poker to the masses

WPT - Poker TourThe World Poker Tour (WPT) began streaming into households with it’s premier on television in 2002. Created by Steve Lipscomb, CEO and founder of WPTE (World Poker Tour Enterprises), the show has been a huge hit among poker fans. In addition it has introduced tournament poker to millions of people that likely considered poker a back room card game played by seedy characters. The result has been Read more

HR 6663 - Good for Online Poker?

August 6, 2008

HR 6663 – Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Clarification and Implementation Act of 2008

HR 6663 - Clarification and Enforcement ActLast week a bill was introduced by Rep. Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas that is intended to clarify the language contained in the original UIGEA bill. The bill, H.R. (House Resolution) 6663, aka “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Clarification and Implementation Act of 2008” seems to be a positive step for online poker players, or is it? Read more

Mike Matusow loses 400K in July on Full Tilt

August 5, 2008

Matusow loses $400K at Full TiltThe Mike Matusow, (aka “The Mouth”) rollercoaster continues as his bankroll takes a big hit in the month of July 2008. While a book could be (and has been) written about his struggles, let’s take a quick look at Mike’s life over the last year: Read more

WPT and Fox Sports offer Online Poker

August 4, 2008

Under the shadow of the UIGEA, many online poker players have often wondered if playing their beloved game is truly legal in the eyes of the US. While that matter has been (and will be) debated ad nauseum, one thing is clear: Where there’s a will there’s a way. Read more

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