Johnny Lodden pinpoints when Poker got Tough

Johnny Lodden has been a fixture in the poker world over the past decade-plus and is one of Norway’s best players ever. That said, he’s definitely got some perspective on how much poker has changed over the past 10 years. Lodden recently sat down with PokerListings and discussed a number of interesting subjects, including when […]

Antonio Esfandiari buys out of No Sex Prop Bet with Bill Perkins

One of the more interesting prop wager rumors going around a few months ago was that Antonio Esfandiari had a “no sex” prop bet going with hedge fund manager Bill Perkins. The rumor claimed that Esfandiari was being offered $1 million to go without sex, and “The Magician” confirmed this to PokerStrategy, only he says […]

Joe Hachem admits to being “Asshole,” but stands by Aussie Millions Comments

Since winning the 2005 WSOP Main Event along with $7.5 million, Joe Hachem has been a fairly polarizing player. He can be entertaining at times, thanks to the emotion he puts into the game. However, he’s also embarrassed himself with various tirades and even crying on his wife’s shoulder. So it’s little surprise that Hachem […]

“Michael Jordan of Poker,” Phil Ivey, being sued for $9.6m

When it comes to poker, Phil Ivey just can’t seem to stop making headlines. Unfortunately, this time Ivey’s in the news because he is being sued by the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa for $9.6 million. As reported by ABC, the “Michael Jordan of Poker” is accused of cheating in baccarat games. Ivey used a […]

Cyril Mouly escapes Deadly Ambush while Driver is murdered

While details are somewhat sketchy, reports that high stakes poker pro Cyril Mouly escaped an attempt on his life. Unfortunately, his chauffeur was stabbed to death. The poker player and his driver were returning from a party in Paris when they spotted two helmeted assailants in Mouly’s apartment lobby. It’s unclear who the intended […]

Phil Hellmuth gives Chamath Palihapitiya one of his Bracelets

Think Phil Hellmuth is only about himself? Well, after watching Hellmuth talk glowingly about his poker play in numerous TV appearances, we certainly wouldn’t blame you for saying yes. However, it seems the Poker Brat does have the ability to be generous too, as he recently showed by giving away most of his WSOP gold […]

An Alternative View on the Importance of Poker Training Videos

Poker training videos have often been lauded for helping amateur players improve their games immensely. But for every Phil Galfond who inspires players with revolutionary strategies and in-game critical thinking, there are dozens of trainers who are just trying to make a quick buck. recently pointed this out in a piece they did on […]

Get an Inside Look at Atlanta’s Exciting Poker World

These days, you’d think that all poker games involve some 22-year-old college student grinding from his dorm room or Tom Dwan winning multi-million dollar pots off Asian businessmen. But the truth is that there are still plenty of great poker games, especially in…Atlanta??? Okay, so Atlanta isn’t normally a town that’s known for big poker […]

Check out Episode 1 of “Off the Felt” with Dan Bilzerian

Over the past two years, there’s been enough gossip articles written about Dan Bilzerian to fill three books. The word “interesting” is the most commonly used adjective to describe this guy, but somehow that just doesn’t cut it. Pretty much everything this guy posts on Instagram leaves others in awe or envy, from his parties […]

Mainstream World finds out about Poker Staking

Pretty much anybody who’s logged significant time at the poker tables knows about staking. However, to the general public, poker staking isn’t exactly the most frequently discussed topic. That said, the Wall Street Journal’s Alexandra Berzon recently penned a piece that’ll help bring the mainstream world up to date on how staking works. One of […]