Shane Bridges breaks Silence on Lock Poker

Lock Poker is pretty much the most-detestable poker site on the market today. Despite owing millions in cashouts to players, Lock continues to accept money from new customers. Given the fact that many players worry they’ll never see their money again, many have demanded answers from the embattled online poker room. And finally, they’ve got […]

Seals With Clubs closes amid Security Issues

Seals With Clubs, which carved out a pretty good niche for itself in the Bitcoin online poker market, announced that they’re closing down. And according to their website, the primary reason why is because of security reasons. SWC didn’t get into the much detail, however, they did cite “several events” that occurred on February 11th […]

Buy Dan Bilzerian’s Lamborghini for $400k

Depending upon what you value most, Dan Bilzerian has the type of lifestyle that could make a person jealous, from his 6.6 million Instagram followers to the bikini-clad whores, I mean babes that he’s constantly taking pictures with. And while you may not be able to emulate his vast stable of women or massive Instagram […]

Dario Minieri wins Case against Italian Tax Collectors

No, Dario Minieri hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth, and he seems to be doing pretty well financially too. The Italian pro, who burst on to the poker scene in the mid-2000s with several big live scores, has made 550,000 euros through online poker over the past few years. And despite the fact […]

Mike McDonald struggling to stay Competitive in Poker?

When it comes to discussions about players whom poker has passed by, the subject normally relates to guys like Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen, who’ve seen better days on the tables. Mike McDonald, on the other hand, still seems pretty relevant – especially since he just took second place in the 2015 Aussie Millions $250k […]

Wanted Fugitive arrested at Fallsview Poker Classic – Blinds out and wins $88k

What do you do when you’re on the run from federal police for a big crime? Well if you’re Harnam Singh Matharu, you play in a major World Poker Tour event. Matharu was one of 1,190 players who entered the $1,100 Fallsview Poker Classic tournament, which featured a $5 million prize pool. And with just […]

PokerTube taking Flack over Alleged “Abuse of Intellectual Property”

PokerTube is just a cooler version of YouTube that offers poker-specific videos, correct? At least that’s what it seemed like, until PokerNews Editor Matthew Parvis hopped on Twitter to say that the industry needs to band together and stop PokerTube’s “continuous abuse of intellectual property.” While Parvis’ initial tweet sounds like an all-out attack, he […]

Kara Scott lands New Poker Job in Italy

Not long ago, Kara Scott announced that she was leaving Party Poker after years of representing the site. According to her blog at CardRunners, Scott felt that it was time to leave because there were fewer and fewer TV projects coming her way. Well, it certainly didn’t take the Canadian poker player and TV hostess […]

Dan Bilzerian avoids Jail Time in Explosives Case

Facing up to 12 years in jail for explosives charges, poker pro Dan Bilzerian has agreed to a plea deal that will see him make a public service announcement to avoid prison time. Bilzerian’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, said his client will make the PSA for the federal Bureau of Land Management to explain what not […]

Rational Group sues Erick Lindgren for $2.5m

As Erick Lindgren has found out over the past few years, when it rains, it pours. The poker pro, who entered a gambling rehab facility in 2013, is now being sued by the Rational Group for $2.5 million. The lawsuit goes back to 2011, when Full Tilt Poker, which is now owned by Rational, accidentally […]