Daniel Negreanu scoops $50k while on Twitch

Just recently, we discussed how Daniel Negreanu has been active on Twitch, much to the delight of many poker enthusiasts. And while the Twitch session was great, the only complaint is that Negreanu was forced to play fake-money games due to his Las Vegas residence. One thing I suggested – as did many other people […]

Lock Poker Finished?

For well over two years now, online poker players have complained that Lock Poker is not processing cashouts. This led to the obvious speculation that Lock is in trouble and may not be financially solvent enough to process withdrawals. And now, the inevitable seems to have happened, with Lock Poker no longer being operational. While […]

Poker’s Guy Laliberté sells Cirque du Soleil

Guy Laliberté is one of the most-impressive entreprenurial stories of this generation, turning himself from a mere Montreal street performer into the owner of Cirque du Soleil – a multi-billion dollar entertainment company that’s become synonymous with weird circus stuff and an unfunny scene from Knocked Up. Well, multiple Canadian news outlets are reporting that […]

Daniel Negreanu now on Twitch

Many see Twitch as the newest way to reach scores of online poker players and interest them in the game. Only time will tell if Twitch is indeed a long-term solution to finding fresh players for the tables, but for now, many players are buying into the idea, including Daniel Negreanu. Drawing some help from […]

Vogue chronicles Exclusive Women’s Poker Game

While the poker world can seem like an all-boys club, Heidi Messer is proof that this isn’t always the case. Messer holds one of the most-interesting and exclusive poker games twice a year in New York – and it’s only for women. Messer’s poker game has evolved into a who’s who of female entrepreneurs and […]

Meet Charlie Carrel: Online Poker’s Rising Young Star

It’s been a while since there’s been a great online poker story, such as the ones involving Tom Dwan, Annette Obrestad and Ben Sulsky taking a tiny bankroll (or no bankroll) and spinning into millions of dollars. But it looks like Charlie Carrel could well be on his way to becoming another one of these […]

Is Twitch Bad for Poker?

Over the past few months, the poker community has become far more interested in Twitch. This live-streaming service, which has been heavily used by the video-game world, is also showing major use as a poker strategy tool. Going further, pros like Jason Somerville and Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew are able to broadcast their online sessions and […]

Alex Dreyfus looks to launch Global Poker League This Year

Alex Dreyfus is very serious about sportifying poker, so much so that he plans on launching the Global Poker League (GPL) by August or September of this year. The live poker competition is set to be exactly as it sounds: an official league with eight teams comprised of seven players each. The teams will play […]

$500k Super High Roller Bowl to be on Poker Central

It’s only fitting that a mammoth poker tournament with a $500k buy-in and estimated $25 million prize pool should appear on TV. Such will be the case with the Super High Roller Bowl, which is set to be on the soon-to-launch Poker Central network. Assuming the Super High Roller Bowl hits its estimated prize pool […]

Dan Bilzerian releases PSA as Part of Plea Deal

Not long ago, Dan Bilzerian was facing up to six years in prison as part of a case where he exploded a tractor-trailer on federal lands. Well, the good news for him is that he got out of this by accepting a plea deal, which calls on him to pay a $20k fine and do […]