Mikael Thuritz discusses Current State of Macau Poker

Mikael “ChaoRen160″ Thuritz has proven himself to be one of the best poker players in the world. So it’s little surprise that he’s taken his act to Macau, where some juicy cash games still exist. But as he recently explained in an interview with Rikard Aberg, things have gotten a bit tougher in China’s gambling […]

Vanessa Selbst championing Nonprofits with Poker Winnings

With $11.6 million in poker winnings, Vanessa Selbst has already achieved more than most players could ever dream of. But somehow she also has time to delve into a number of non-poker activities too, including the nonprofit organizations that she’s now championing. Selbst is using her poker winnings to fund organizations like the Urban Justice […]

Phil Hellmuth explains his Side of UB Situation on Reddit

Ever since Black Friday, former UB Poker players have demanded justice, or at least their balances from the now-defunct site. But so far nothing has been paid since April 15th, 2011, and anybody associated with owning/running UB is considered a culprit. Such is the case with 14-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth, who recently did a […]

John Juanda at Top of Negreanu’s Poker Hall of Fame List

The 2015 Poker Hall of Fame nominations were recently announced with 10 players/contributors on the ballot. It’ll certainly be hard to pick just two nominees from such an extensive list of qualified candidates. But if the entire vote were up to recently anointed Poker HOF member Daniel Negreanu, John Juanda would be grabbing one of […]

Dani “Ansky” Stern ripped off in Casino Barcelona Poker Game?

Casino poker rooms around the world have some little nuances in their rules that can lead to controversy. And there’s no better example of this than a recent story involving Dani “Ansky” Stern, who claims to have been ripped off at Casino Barcelona. It’s a rather long story – as is any poker hand where […]

John Juanda quits Poker to be Pro Prop Bettor

Any time you don’t hear about a poker pro who earned their fame during the boom years, it’s natural to assume that they’ve gone busto. So is this the case with John Juanda, a guy who isn’t discussed much in (American) poker circles any longer? Absolutely not, and the former high-stakes star is now making […]

Doug Polk, Doc Sands might Fight for $500,000

Are we set for the next great poker prop bet? Doug Polk and David “Doc” Sands have expressed interest in boxing each other for $500,000. This isn’t a done deal yet, but tweets from Polk certainly leave some hope. Check out the tweets below: “Today @Doc_Sands asked to fight me for 500k, I said yes. […]

Footballer Jamie Vardy takes Heat over Poker Game Racial Slur

Jamie Vardy, who played a key role in saving Leicester City’s Premier League season last year, is now in trouble over a racist rant at a local poker room. The striker called an Asian observer a “Jap” after being told that the man had been looking at his cards. Vardy then proceeded to approached the […]

Daniel Negreanu: 99.9% Sure Vegas will have NHL Hockey – Eyes Owner’s Box

For almost a year now, a group led by businessman William Foley has been trying to get an NHL hockey team in Las Vegas. And 6-time WSOP champion Daniel Negreanu has been a large part of this effort, even leading a season ticket drive that generated an impressive 13,000 pre-sales. But it appears that Negreanu’s […]

GVC ditches Amaya, makes $1.55b Bid to buy Bwin.Party

Not long ago, it was thought that 888 Holdings had pretty much wrapped up their bid to buy for £898.3 million ($1.4 billion). However, it’s now looking like this is an open competition to buy since GVC has jumped back into the mix with a £1 billion offer ($1.55b). In the original bidding […]