PokerStars Casino Games Coming Soon, Sports Betting in 2015

PokerStars is already offering casino games on their Spanish site. But the rest of the world wants to know when they’ll be able to enjoy these games too. And Stars has finally spoken, offering that over half of their customers can play these casino games by the end of November. By the close of 2014, […]

Neil Channing signs with Sky Poker

With guys like Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen, Humberto Brenes and Joe Cada losing their online poker deals, it seems like there will be fewer and fewer sponsored pros around. That said, Neil Channing got a stroke of good luck when he recently signed a big deal with Sky Poker. Channing is known just as much […]

Jose Canseco Lied about Missing Poker Finger – Angers News World

As a writer, it always pisses me off to spend time writing about a story…only to find out that it was a complete lie. I’m facing this prospect right now after discussing the journey of Jose Canseco’s poker finger. As the story goes, he shot it off at the end of October, which, to the […]

2014 WSOP Runner-up Felix Stephensen facing Tax Headaches

One of the good things about living in London is that you get to keep all of your huge WSOP payouts…or so it would seem. 2014 WSOP Main Event runner-up Felix Stephensen, who earned $5,147,911 for his effort, largely figured to pay zero taxes on his winnings. That’s because residents of the UK aren’t taxed […]

Tracking the Odyssey of Jose Canseco’s Poker Finger

For some reason, Jose Canseco’s finger falling off during a poker tournament has become top news in the poker world. But whatever…I’ll roll with it, although we should take things back to the beginning since Canseco’s finger is really getting around. That said, here’s a look at the noteworthy updates regarding the former baseball star’s […]

Antonio Esfandiari out of Sponsorship following Ultimate Poker Closing

One of the biggest poker stories lately involves Ultimate Poker shutting down their Nevada operation. Less than two months ago, they also pulled out of New Jersey, meaning the first-ever regulated US online poker site is completely done. There will be many reverberations felt following UP’s closure, including fewer states/companies being interested in US iPoker […]

Dan Colman backs off His Slamming of Phil Hellmuth

Not long ago, Dan Colman jumped on the TwoPlusTwo forums and blasted 13-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth. He stated his belief that Hellmuth is “spineless” and a “cancer to this world.” He also blasted the Poker Brat for his self-promotional manner. In response to the personal attack, Hellmuth attempted to take the high road by […]

Martin Jacobson’s Rail was Instrumental in 2014 WSOP Main Event Victory

Martin Jacobson was crowned the 2014 WSOP Main Event champion last night, marking one of the greatest come-from-behind victories in the tournament’s history. On the outside, it simply looks like Jacobson’s greatness propelled him from eighth in chips, when the November Nine began, to the victory. However, the reality is that the Swede’s rail was […]

Darren Elias gets Historical WPT Win

Just recently, Darren Elias accomplished a feat that no poker player in history had ever managed – winning back-to-back World Poker Tour titles in the same season. Elias captured the WPT Borgata Open back in September while picking up $843,744. He followed this up by winning the WPT St. Maarten event along with $127,660. Now […]

Alex Dreyfus announces Plans for Global Poker League

Is poker more a game of chance? Largely a hobby with money involved? A legitimate sport? Global Poker Index founder Alex Dreyfus believes the latter, which is why he wants the Global Poker League (GPL) up and running by 2015. This is poker’s version of the NBA, where famed rounders will be drafted into the […]